Our latest deal: The sale of Tictail to Shopify


MAY 17, 2019 - Mark

Our latest deal: The sale of Tictail to Shopify

I am pleased to announce our latest deal: The sale of Tictail to Shopify (NYSE: SHOP).

Based in NYC and Stockholm, Sweden, Tictail is a mobile-first e-commerce platform serving emerging brands in over 140 countries. With funding from Acton Capital, Balderton Capital, Creandum & Thrive Capital, Tictail has built a large global community of shoppers and sellers.

Shopify is building the future of retail. Online, offline. Big brands, small brands. We can’t wait to see what comes of this combination.

This is our 6th deal for the year and 2nd this month, further reinforcing our strong track record in mergers & acquisitions and unparalleled access to SMB buyers. 

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Thank you.

Mark MacLeod

Founder, SurePath Capital Partners

Mark Macleod
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Mark Macleod is the Founder of SurePath Capital Partners. Sitting on both sides of the table, Mark has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars and successfully led companies to acquisitions by Airbnb, Blackberry, Gannett, Rackable Systems, Return Path, Thrivehive and more.

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