The SurePath SMB Index

The SurePath SMB Index tracks the overall market performance of 35 publicly traded technology companies that serve the SMB market.

After examining the latest annual reports of 280+ publicly traded Software, SaaS and Internet companies,we determined if the majority or all of its customer base are SMBs, by reviewing and examining the description of customers they serve. Companies that serve enterprise level customers with some SMB exposure are purposely excluded from the index, as we wanted to focus on companies that predominantly serve SMBs. [More details here.]

Each of these index constituents are weighted based on their market capitalization and the index starts from January 4, 2016 (the first trading day of 2016). We will be  re-evaluating the constituents and weightings quarterly to ensure that the companies included in the Index truly reflect public companies serving the SMB market.

The SurePath SMB Index is updated daily, and index constituents' market capitalizations are updated in real-time.

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