Our first co-op student

I began my career as a co-op student. It was a great experience. For starters, I could not have paid for university without it. Second, I left undergrad with an amazing job and pretty much ready to write my CA exams.

So, it gives me great pleasure to be going full circle and hiring my first co-op student. Alex Wu worked with me at FreshBooks and has also done stints at Facebook, OMERS Ventures and Gluskin sheff.

Having had the pleasure of working with Alex before, I know he will bring a lot of value to us. Hopefully this will be the first of many co-op hires for our firm.



Introducing The SurePath SMB Index

Today, we’re excited to introduce the SurePath SMB Index (SCP SMB Index). This index tracks the overall market performance of 42 publicly traded technology companies that serve the SMB market. Over time, we expect this number to grow significantly. In fact, 16 of the 42 companies in the Index went public in the last 3 years.

Our newest team member


I am very pleased to introduce you to our newest team member. Rena Wang has joined the firm today as an analyst. 

When I set out to build our team one thing was clear: each and every team member, in addition to having the core finance skills needed to serve our clients, must have a clear, demonstrable passion for startups. Rena checks those boxes. Most recently she was a management consultant working with large technology clients. She has also been a startup founder.

After graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business Rena worked in management consulting at a boutique firm specializing in strategy development for technology and telecom companies. Working for clients across North America and the Middle East, she built a repertoire of experience with large technology companies in operations and strategy development.

After a skiing accident rendered her disabled and saved her from a life in consulting, she founded PIQ Pass to help people discover new hobbies and things to do in the city. She has  firsthand experience with the challenges entrepreneurs face with fundraising and building their business.

Welcome aboard Rena!




Announcing SurePath Capital Partners

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to SurePath Capital Partners.

I’ve been helping fund, grow and exit startups since 1999 - as either a CFO, Advisor or VC. Over that time, I have seen two constant challenges that startups face:   

Fundraising: It’s ‘relatively’ easy to raise a startup’s first capital. The seed funding market has never been more liquid. However, many companies struggle to raise growth funding. When you can’t sell the dream anymore and must sell a business, founders need to prove that everything is working. 

SurePath helps companies prepare for the expectations of the growth funding market. We get our companies investor-ready and then lead them through the process to a successful close.

Exits: Many companies use the term ‘exit strategy’ but few have an actual strategy that they are deliberately working towards. Typically, their exit strategy is hope. They hope for some inbound interest that will result in a great deal.  

In my experience, great exits are the result of deliberate actions that put the company in the best position to be sold to the right buyer, at the right price and at the right time.

If you’re an investor, you know what needs to be done in your portfolio companies, but your time just doesn’t scale. Your portfolio companies might be missing something when it comes to raising growth capital or exiting. 

If you’re running a startup, then you likely struggle with key questions: How much should you raise? When? From whom? How do you balance building a big company with always being in the optimal position to be bought? You likely wrestle with these questions and more. 

We can help. On a personal level, I have sat on both sides of the table and worked across many sectors and stages. I have seed-funded many companies and been part of huge, growth stage successes like FreshBooks and Shopify. We can give you unbiased and candid advice and then help you execute on whichever direction you choose.

One final word: SurePath is not an investment bank. While we help our clients with fundraising and exits, our model is very different. Our engagements can be as simple as coaching agreements. And unlike banks, we are looking to build long term relationships with our clients, not just collect a fee and move on.

Please check us out and get in touch.

Thank you,

Mark MacLeod | Founder | SurePath