SurePath Capital Partners

SurePath is the only strategic financial advisor focused exclusively on the global SMB software market. SMB spans everything from freelancers to mid-market enterprise customers. We help software companies targeting these sectors to raise the capital needed to become market leaders. In addition, we help our clients execute strategic acquisitions and profitable, deliberate exit strategies.

We believe that in order to have the best knowledge and networks, you must be specialized. Our goal is to be the leading strategic financial advisor in the SMB software space and the #1 choice for boards and management teams of companies in this sector.

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The SurePath Commitment  

Our values


Our ultimate mission is to be a trusted advisor to the founders, management teams and boards that we serve. We work in the best interest of our client with an unwavering focus on the guidance that leads to the most long-term impact for our clients.


As a result of our strategic guidance, deep relationships and transaction capabilities, we deliver high & measurable impact to our clients.


He who 'knows it all' fails first. We operate in an ever-changing landscape and are always open to new insights and information.  We operate in a humble and professional manner.