We serve SaaS and e-commerce companies, especially ones that target the SMB market. We know what ‘best in class’ companies in these sectors look like.  We know the investors who focus on these sectors. And we know the most active buyers in these sectors.

Leading Advisor to the Global SMB Software Market

While we serve SaaS and e-commerce broadly, we have a deep focus on companies that serve the Global SMB Market.

Small business is the backbone of our economy. Our roots are deeply entrenched in serving owner-managed businesses.  Our team is deeply passionate about SMB and believes that this market represents a huge opportunity for building and exiting technology companies.

Building a large scale business through the acquisition of many small customers can be difficult and challenging.  We’ve been through it, we’ve seen how it’s done and we know the landscape. 

SurePath can help you navigate your way through growth and connect you with the most relevant acquirers when the time comes to exit.